The following are a series of Vimeo videos about Bob Butler’s recovery. is another free streaming video provider like It is easier to use and has less advertising and other distractions than YouTube.

Video 1 – Bob’s Triathlon One Month Before the Stroke – April 2012

Video 2 – Bob’s First Attempts to Walk – June and July 2012

Video 3 – Bob’s First Attempt to Wakeboard After the Stroke – August 2012

Video 4 – Bob’s First Attempt to Ride A Bike After the Stroke –  September 2012

Video 5 – Bob’s First Triathlon Since the Stroke – July 2013

Video 6 – Bob’s First Attempt to Run After the Stroke – February 2014

Video 7 – If  You Can’t Walk, Run – June 2014

Video 8 – Former Hemiplegic Lays Sod – October 2016

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